EM swab cups

EM Swab Cups
(Heavy Load)

There’s one thing for certain: If you’re experiencing delays and costly breakdowns due to inferior swab cups, there’s a better way to get access to the high-quality elastomeric products you need to run a safe, productive well and/or rig. If you’ve been paying too much for swab cups that quickly show signs of wear and tear, there’s a better alternative, too.

Regardless of why you’re in the market for EM swab cups, our more than 50 years of experience supplying oilfield and agricultural enterprises with cost-effective, long-lasting elastomeric products speaks volumes. At Global Elastomeric Products, Inc., we know how to support the productivity and safety of your working environment because it’s what we’re all about as a company. It’s also why throughout our history as a privately-held, American-based business we’ve developed so many long-lasting relationships with a growing list of happy customers.

Durable EM Swab Cups

The EM Swab Cup is a heavy load swab cup. The 3 heavy-duty sections are designed for long life and maximum lifting capacity. The special compound has extremely high strength and is specifically compounded for heavy load and deep swabbing conditions.

Globaleee EM Swab Cups are compatible substitutions for:

  • - Type 'NUF' swab cups
  • - LK Series Swab cups
  • - Load King
  • - M-Type
  • - Type HPR



Part No. Type WT/FT Size OD   ID
E8238EMSC EM 4.6 - 4.7# 2 3/8" 1.95"   1.12"
E8U238EMSC EMU 4.7# 2 3/8" 1.93"   1.12"
E8278EMSC EM 6.4 - 6.5# 2 7/8" 2.39"   1.37"
E8U238EMSC EMU 6.5# 2 7/8" 2.35"   1.37"
E9182M7ALSWAB EMU 7.9# 2 7/8" 2.24"   1.37"
E9182M6ALSWAB EMU 8.7# 2 7/8" 2.17"   1.37
E8350EMSC EM 9.2# 3 1/2" 2.92"   1.37"

Dimensions are for reference only. Contact Global Elastomeric Products for details

em swab in blackem swab in burgundy compound

EM Swab Cup Manufacturing Options

Steel inserts are standard, but the EM can also be manufactured with an aluminum insert. They also come in Burgundy/Frac or High Abrasion Black. Produced from molds in a variety of styles, our purpose-built EM swab cups are designed to form excellent seals between themselves and tubing/casing walls.

Our standard EM swab cups range in size from 2 3/8” up to 3 1/2”. If you don’t see the swab cup you need listed on our product pages, our in-house engineering team has the know-how and skills to custom mold whatever style and size of swab cup you require.

Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. — Manufacturing Excellence for the Oil Industry

Since 1963, our team at Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. has been building a reputation for manufacturing rugged, reliable swab cups and elements. Plus, as an ISO 9001:2015-registered company, we operate under some of the most demanding quality control processes in the industry — which means you can count on our products to be delivered defect-free and in a timely manner.

To learn more about our EM swab cups and receive a no-obligation quote, simply contact us today.