slick type packer cups

Slick Type Wire Cup Packer Units

Slick Type Wire Cup Packer Units

Like all items from Global Elastomeric Products Inc., our wire cup packer units are designed with safety, durability and productivity in mind. Each unit serves as a directional packing element that provides a seal to stop communication from one zone to another. Our wire cup packer units have a strong flexible lip that automatically seals and holds pressure on the side toward which the lip is pointed.

These highly-reliable cups are available in multiple casing weights with multiple combinations of compounds and inserts. For proper installation and use, each packer cup requires a mandrel or a custom-designed tool. These packer cups can be installed on this tool as a single cup, dual cup or multiple combinations (facing up, facing down or opposing), based on the specifics of your applications.


Our versatile wire packer cups are strictly manufactured from high-quality materials that can withstand the extreme rigors of oilfield applications. Our certified standing as an ISO 9001:2015-registered company ensures that your wire packer cups are made to the highest quality standards. They've also been extensively field-tested in oilfields across the United States and around the world. We even guarantee that our American-made wire packer cup units are always free of material and manufacturing defects.


Slick Type Packer Cup Assembly

When it comes to slick type CP assembly, the slick mandrel unit is essential. The mandrel unit acts as the body of the cup and is designed to be slightly tapered or perforated, allowing it to provide a strong frictional grip. Mandrel units come in a variety of sizes and are a versatile component of the packer cup unit, which can be used for many different applications. 

Mandrels are an essential element of the packer cup unit. They provide the body structure of the cup, serving as the rod-like piece around which the cups are positioned. The mandrel is the specific piece that enables the cup to be situated in the proper direction. This directional flexibility that the mandrel helps to provide can be essential for different applications and enhances the versatility of the cups.

Our slick packer cups are specifically designed to provide extremely effective sealing that disables communication between zones. The sturdy, flexible lip of the cup holds in the pressure while the mandrel allows you to turn the cup in different directions. 

Our packer cups are available in one- to four-cup units in a variety of sizes, each of which has a corresponding mandrel size. The sizing, pressure tolerance and other essential specifications can all be customized to meet the needs of your unique application. We also have the knowledge and experience to design the cups and the mandrels to effectively work together as a unit even if your sizing needs are outside of the standard specifications.

Because we have such a robust line of integrated packer cup units, we can quickly and easily find the solutions that will work best for you. Every slick mandrel unit we provide is extremely durable, reliable and versatile, and we offer fast turnaround times so you can have the slick type packer cup you need as soon as your application requires it.

Size of Cup Size of Mandrel
4 1/2 2 3/8
5 1/2 2 7/8
6 5/8 3 1/2
7 3 1/2
7 5/8 3 1/2
8 5/8 3 1/2
9 5/8 3 1/2 & 4 1/2
10 3/4 3 1/2 & 4 1/2
11 3/4 4 1/2
13 3/8 4 1/2

Dimensions are for reference only. Contact Global Elastomeric Products for details

Part Number Description
M92278MAN22 MANDREL, 2 7/8" NU 10RD 22" LONG
M92350L80MAN MANDREL, 3 1/2" NU 10RD 23" LONG L80
M92350L80MAN135 MANDREL, 3 1/2" NU 10RD 13.5" LONG L80
M92350L80MAN47 MANDREL, 3 1/2" NU 10RD 47" LONG L80
M92350MAN MANDREL, 3 1/2" NU 10RD 23" LONG
M92350MAN12 MANDREL, 3 1/2" NU 10RD 12" LONG 9.3#
M92350MAN24 MANDREL, 3 1/2" NU 10RD 24" LONG 9.3#
M92350MAN36 MANDREL, 3 1/2" NU 10RD 36" LONG
M92450L80MAN135 MANDREL, 4 1/2" NU 10RD 13.5" LONG L80
M92450L80MAN24 MANDREL, 4 1/2" NU 8RD 24" LONG 12.6# L80
M92450MAN24 MANDREL, 4 1/2" NU 8RD 24" LONG 12.6# J-55/L80

More selections available. Contact Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. 661.831.5380


  • Your choice of proprietary Custom Blends depending on your application
  • Thoroughly field tested and proven throughout the world

Available In:

  • 3-1/2” OD Mandrel or 2-3/8” OD Mandrel
  • J55 or L80 connections, depending on customer specifications
  • Multiple insert designs to meet the needs of various applications
  • A wide variety of additional sizes and materials available upon request
  • Slick Mandrel allows for easy cup arrangement – facing up, down or opposing
  • Available in single basket, heavy-duty double basket, or heavy duty wire type, depending on application

Why Using Only Quality Wire Cup Packer Units Matters

Almost everyone in the oil and gas industry is in agreement that the days of easy oil extraction are a thing of the past. As a result, a new era dominated by technical breakthroughs and strict cost efficiencies has begun. Yet through all of the recent cycles of growth and downturns in the industry, one key aspect of oil and gas exploration has remained constant: the combined importance of bringing increased safety and stability to every oilfield and rig — whether they are located onshore or offshore, in the U.S. or overseas.

According to recent industry analysis, the estimated total costs of running an offshore oil platform over a typical production lifespan of somewhere between 10 and 20 years can easily add up to over $1 billion USD. That breaks down to an average operating expense of anywhere from as little as $100,000 to possibly over $300,000 per day. What all this means is that anything that reduces risk to oil workers and their equipment is fast becoming the new gold standard of efficiency. By preventing delays and breakdowns, it ultimately supports production and, as a result, protects or even advances the company’s bottom line.

So where does the use of quality wire cup packer units come into all of this? The answer is actually front and center. Getting trained workers and the right equipment to any oilfield and/or rig is both time-consuming and oftentimes — especially in the case of offshore rigs — very expensive. That’s why, if you’re not using quality equipment, you could be putting your business and the people charged with running it in harm’s way. It’s also why deciding on Global Elastomeric Products Inc., has been serving the supply. Embury is such a smart choice for all of your packer cups, drilling machine parts and overall elastomeric rubber product needs. With decades of service to the oil industry and sales representatives with over 100 years of combined “Oil Patch” experience, we know what’s on the line when we fill your order.

By extrapolation of present statistics, total global spending by the oil and gas industry on parts, tools and equipment is expected to top $205 billion USD annually by 2020. And if that number tells us anything, it’s that having an oil and gas industry equipment supplier that can fill custom orders while keeping costs down will only be more important as time goes on. With our in-house talent and highly-skilled engineers, you get the products you want in a timely manner, making Global Elastomeric Products a true manufacturing leader for now and the future of the oil industry.


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Global Elastomeric Products/E.E. Embury has been serving the supply needs of the oil and agricultural industries for over 50 years. In addition, we’ve been manufacturing wire packer cups for over 25 years. In that time, we have sold hundreds of thousands of wire packer cups and wire packer cup units around the world. These applications include, but are not limited to washing wells, packoff liner, to pack off mud or fluid above the packer, packoff in both directions, frac wells, steam injection, drilling with casing, etc.

Our manufacturing experience, coupled with field-proven technology has made Global Elastomeric Products one of the world leaders in packer cup technology. Our made-in-America wire packer cup line consists of packer cups ranging from 3-1/2 to 26 inches, and most of the cups are available in multiple insert styles and sizes. We offer a wide variety of elastomeric compounds to perform in all types of downhole applications and conditions.

For additional information on availability and exact design details, please contact Global Elastomeric Products. We'll also be happy to provide a no-obligation price quote for our wire packer cup units.