Custom Molded Rubber Replacement Products for Industrial Applications

With over 50 years of experience producing custom rubber molded products, wash cups, high-quality swab cups and a range of other elastomeric solutions for oilfield equipment, as well as for agricultural and industrial applications, Global Elastomeric Products is your one-stop shop for the replacement of all your custom rubber parts.

As one of America’s leading oilfield equipment suppliers, our reputation for excellence is built on our keen understanding of the harsh environments and high expectations under which our products must function. That’s why you can always count on our custom rubber products to fully meet your needs — regardless of the size of your company or your order.


Custom Rubber Replacement Parts

We understand the pressure to constantly improve. It’s why so many of our customers need replacement parts that are slightly modified to perform better than the previous rubber molded products they ordered from us. Regardless of the circumstances, we approach the production of custom rubber replacement parts with the commitment that we’ll never give you an off-the-shelf solution when you need the quality and performance only a custom designed part can offer.

If you don’t see what you need on one of our product pages, there’s no need to worry. As an International Organization for Standardization — or ISO — 9001:2015 registered company with in-house ISO-certified design engineering talent, we deliver free quotes, competitive prices and some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Moreover, we’re always in full compliance with some of the strictest quality control standards in existence for the oil and gas, agricultural and industrial sectors. Furthermore, our ISO certification means we’re on the cutting edge of developments in the design, manufacturing and distribution of custom molded rubber products.

Whether it’s packer cups, seals, stripper rubbers, pipe wipers, gaskets, bladders or any other custom rubber product, we have the design and engineering skills to help you choose the right materials for your project and follow that up with the quick delivery you need to maximize your uptime and keep your operations profitable.

Applications for Rubber Molding Products 

Molded rubber products are used in many different ways in nearly every industry. Because it can be designed to fit into virtually any piece of equipment without leaking, molded rubber is an extremely popular choice.

Our custom-molded elastomer replacement parts are designed specifically for oil, gas and agriculture applications and supporting production and manufacturing facilities and companies. We know that these industries require the highest-quality products to keep their processes running smoothly, and we are dedicated to providing each of our customers with exactly what they need.

Types of Rubber Molding Processes

Rubber molding products are created using several different processes. The best process for your project depends on the specific needs of your application.

Compression Molding

With this process, raw rubber materials known as pre-forms are placed into the top and bottom plates of a mold. The plates are then pressed together so the rubber fills the mold cavity. Once the plates have been compressed, the mold and excess rubber are removed.

This method is ideal for smaller production runs. It is also an economical process with lower tooling costs than other processes. It is not ideal for intricate shapes.

Injection Molding

With injection molding, heated rubber is injected into a mold that has a series of cavities. This method has a reduced cycle time because it lessens the need for pre-formed rubber. It is ideal for more complex shapes and designs because the heated rubber can easily flow into the cavities.

Injection molding is best suited to medium and high-volume production runs for shorter overall production time.

Transfer Molding

This process is similar to compression molding in that it also uses pre-forms rather than heated rubber. With transfer molding, however, the pre-forms are placed into the "pot," which is the top portion of the mold. When the mold is closed, the rubber is compressed and pushed through the mold. When it has been formed, the custom rubber molding is flashed and the excess rubber is removed.

Transfer molding is ideal for medium to large production runs and reduces tooling and production for a cost-effective solution. The molds can accommodate a high number of cavities and allow for tight tolerances.

Benefits of Custom Rubber Molding Services

There are many benefits to choosing our custom rubber molding services:

  • Versatility: We can create all different kinds of custom rubber parts, no matter how complex.
  • Efficiency: Reduces production times for increased efficiency.
  • Accuracy: Precision manufacturing gets you exactly what you need.
  • High quality: Our parts are high-quality and can easily and seamlessly replace any other brand name elastomer rubber.

If you're searching for a rubber molding company that can meet all your needs, look no further than Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. Whether you need a gas vent cup, a pipe wiper or another product, we have the large selection and custom options that you need.

Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. — Your Preferred Custom Rubber Product Manufacturers

At Global Elastomeric Products, we like to say that what sets us apart from our competitors is the “Global Experience” each of our customers receives. Although we’re a leading custom rubber products manufacturer and supplier, when you choose Global, you get personalized attention and the superior support of our dedicated staff.

For companies that simply can’t afford to be treated like a number and have their orders filled late or in a casual manner, the “made in America” quality of every Global product, along with the know-how of our in-house personnel, means you can trust our products to perform well whenever, wherever you need them.

What’s more, our sales staff has more than 100 years of combined “oil patch” experience. When you contact us, you can be assured that our expertise will make it easy for you to communicate your needs to an industry veteran who understands the specific requirements of your unique project.



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