Tubing Stripper Rubbers

Tubing stripper rubbers have been used for decades to help provide safe and cleaner working environments when running or pulling tubing string. As tubing goes in or out of the hole it is wiped by the PGSR or other rubber tube strippers to minimize fluid waste.

Due to their role in supporting the safe, productive work of your oilfield employees, it’s crucial to select only the highest possible quality of tubing stripper rubbers. That’s why we manufacture our stripping rubbers exclusively from excellent materials to meet the strictest quality standards. As an ISO 9001:2015-registered company, we make quality our number one priority. Our rubber strippers are guaranteed to be free of defects, so you can always trust them in all your oilfield operations.


High-Quality Replacement Stripper Rubbers

Known for their excellent performance and durability, our wide selection of rubber strippers for couplings are made from rugged oil-resistant elastomeric materials that are specifically selected to provide a long, reliable lifecycle. What’s more — our custom stripper rubbers will easily pass EUE couplings without causing damage or turning the wrong side out.

Our vast line of tubing stripper rubbers includes PGSR stripper rubbers ranging from 1¼” to 4½”, and our LSR Housing stripper rubbers come in sizes all the way up to 3½”.

Stripping Rubber — Oilfield Products Supplier

Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. has been a leader among stripper rubber manufacturers providing businesses with high-quality replacement tubing stripper rubbers for over 50 years. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide high quality replacement rubbers for tubing stripper heads. Stripper rubbers are ideal for job cleanliness and as a preventative measure can lead to saving oil. Our tubing stripper rubbers are compatible with other name brand solutions and are proudly made in the USA.

In addition, at Global EEE, we put a strong emphasis on our high level of customer service. We're a U.S.-based, privately held company that’s ready to meet any product requirement yet small enough to give each of our customers the attention they deserve. Plus, our turnaround times are fast enough to keep you on track with your production schedules.

To learn more about our wide selection of tubing stripper rubbers, contact us today.


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