guiberson type packer cups

Guiberson Type Packer Cups

Guiberson-Type Packer Cups and Elements

Guiberson-Type packer cups and elements are cost-effective elastomeric products used to perform a wide variety of down-hole tasks. Molded from a highly durable compound that’s tear-resistant and able to withstand differential pressures, these versatile packer cups and elements are useful in applications ranging from well testing and zone isolation to stripping and leak detection.

Because today’s oil and gas explorations go deeper and further to reach their production quotas, the use of Guiberson-Type packer cups and elements has only grown in importance. Their ability to support a safe, clean rig and overall working environment — especially with regards to preventing oil spills in active well areas — makes this type of elastomeric product a true workhorse of the oilfield.


Part No. Size WT/FT O.D. I.D. Height Type
E5UP6045013C 4 1/2" Center
E5UP6045013E 4 1/2" End WBUR
E5UP6055017C27 5 1/2" 13 - 17# 4.73 3.32 3.14 UP6 Center
E5UP6055020C27 5 1/2" 17 - 20# UP6 Center
E5G67002226C28 7" 22 - 26# 5.85 4.45 2.145 G6 - Center
E5G67002226E28 7" 22 - 26# 5.90 4.45 2.12 G6 - End w/ metal insert
E5UP6457002028 7" 17 - 20# 6.00 4.59 3.10 Hi Temp End /w Backup Ring
8 5/8" Element
8 5/8" Hi Temp Backup Ring

Dimensions are for reference only. Contact Global Elastomeric Products for details

Part No. Size O.D. I.D. Height Type
7 5/8" Element
8 5/8" 7.47 5.40 10.27 Element

Dimensions are for reference only. Contact Global Elastomeric Products for details

Part No. Size Wt/FT O.D. I.D. Height Type
E901ER6550VS28 5 1/2" ER6 Valve Seals
E901ER6700VS28 7" 3.78 2.92 1.21 ER6 Valve Seals
E901ER6858VS28 8 5/8" ER6 Valve Seals
E901G655017VS28 5 1/2" 3.43 2.96 1.15 G6 Valve Seals
E901G670026VS18 7" 22 - 26# 3.75 3.17 1.19 G6 Valve Seals

Dimensions are for reference only. Contact Global Elastomeric Products for details

High-Quality Guiberson-Type Packer Cups and Elements

Global is proud to manufacture and engineer a variety of Guiberson-Type products including our own line of Global packer cups and Global oil saver rubbers. The Global packer cup units are top-quality engineered products that get the job done with reliability and ease, but also a safe, low-cost option for any stripping requirement. The Global cup product is also extremely easy to use and install.

Along with the many varieties of cup packers, Global also manufactures an oil saver line to assist in maintaining a safe and clean working environment while running cable/wire and conserving access spillage in the field. The purpose of the oil saver rubber is to act as a stripper that cleans cable/wireline during jobs allowing oil to stay within the hole and away from operational surfaces where slipping and injury can occur. We can custom mold any such Global oil saver rubber to match your wire or cable size needs.

We offer many sizes, materials, and durometers for your Global packer cup needs. Please feel free to give us a call at 661-831-5380 and we’ll find or manufacture the Guiberson-Type packer cup units you need.

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For more than 50 years, we’ve been molding and manufacturing high-quality American-made elastomeric products for the oil and gas industry. Using traditional materials like Nitrile and EPDM, as well as more exotic compounds like Viton, FKM and Aflas, our in-house engineering and design team is fully capable of meeting the needs of even the most challenging applications.

Plus, because we’re an ISO 9001:2015-registered company, our strict quality control processes mean every product you receive from us is guaranteed to be free of defects.

To learn more about our Guiberson-Type packer cups and elements, contact us today.