Oil Stuffing Box Packing Rubbers

Stuffing Box Rubbers Designed With a Strong Seal

Used in oil, gas, agricultural and industrial applications, a stuffing box and the rubbers within provide a seal with a rod string that extends within a well for powering a pump. The actual box is a device for preventing the leaking of gases or liquids as the rod pumps through the well.


The rubbers inside, known as packing, are compressed around the moving shaft to help create a strong seal. We offer quality stuffing box rubbers at an affordable price and an even better delivery rate for your well-head packing needs.

Our Oilfield Stuffing Box Inventory Includes:

  • Ratigan Type: The pumping well gives Ratigan-style rod wipers their lubrication. We manufacture them with high-pressure electric steel to ensure maximum durability and a reliable seal. We manufacture with the highest-quality processes — creating a dependable and durable seal.
  • Cone Packing: We manufacture cone packing rubbers to provide reliable performance at high temperatures. They've proven their dependability in demanding oilfields and other environments, including in the U.S. as well as overseas.
  • Crown Packing: Crown packing oilfield stuffing box rubbers are extremely effective for high-temperature applications. They provide consistent performance for other challenging applications such as long stroke pumping.

    What Is the Purpose of a Stuffing Box?

    A stuffing box is used to maintain or seal the pressure of fluid during unit operation. The pumping unit moves around the rod to pull whatever you are trying to access — such as oil — to the surface. The stuffing box helps maintain the correct pressure inside the unit during use. It prevents leakage around a piston, rod and other moving parts that work inside a cylinder or other vessel.


    How Do You Measure a Stuffing Box?

    You will want to measure your stuffing box if you are unsure about the exact dimensions. Follow these steps:

    • Measure the diameter of the shaft.
    • Measure the stuffing box bore.
    • Check the depth of the stuffing box.
    • Calculate the diameter of the flush hole.
    • Measure the length between the edge of the flush hole and the bottom of the box.
    • Calculate the distance from the stuffing box to the nearest obstruction.


    What Are the Main Parts of a Stuffing Box?

    The stuffing box comprises several main components, including:

    • Stuffing box casing
    • Packing rings
    • Stuffing box bushing
    • Packing gland
    • Lantern ring


    Knowing When to Replace Your Stuffing Box Rubbers

    Replacing stuffing box rubbers regularly is important for ensuring you do not have any leaks when working with your pumps. But how do you know just when to replace your stuffing box rubbers? Here are the three basic stuffing box maintenance steps you should be in the practice of taking.


    1. Inspect the Stuffing Box

    A stuffing box inspection should be your first step when considering whether or not you need to replace your stuffing box rubbers. Start by accessing your stuffing box and observing whether or not fluid is coming through. You may have a leaking stuffing box if it is, although not necessarily.


    2. How Do You Fix a Leaking Stuffing Box? 

    Your first step should be to tighten the cap nut and backing nut. If this stops the fluid from coming through, you probably don’t need to replace your stuffing box rubbers yet. If the problem keeps recurring, you will want to replace your rubbers rather than continuing to tighten the nuts because you could create scoring damage.

    If your stuffing box is dripping a little bit while the system is running, that means it's working correctly. You need some lubrication to prevent the shaft from overheating. However, if you are getting a more consistent fluid flow, it is time to replace your stuffing box rubbers.


    3. How to Change Stuffing Box Rubbers and Address Stuffing Box Leaks

    If you need to service your stuffing box, start by measuring the inside diameter of the packing nut. Before you can repack the stuffing box rubbers, you’ll need to remove the old packing with a hooked tool. Once that is done, take your packing, ensure you have the correct type of packing and the proper size, and get ready to insert it into the shaft.

    Then, use a blunt tool to get the new packing into the stuffing box. Thread the nut on to push the packing into the shaft. You can use a mirror to ensure you are getting the packing in sufficiently. Once your rubber is in the shaft, tighten the nuts to finish the replacement. After completing the process, run the pump to make sure you have resolved your leaking problem. Assuming you get only the small drip, your stuffing box should be functioning optimally.


    4. How Much Should a Stuffing Box Drip?

    A stuffing box should be watertight when you turn it. However, there must be a drip when you move it. Two to three drops per minute is the ideal stuffing box drip rate. 


    Do You Need Custom Stuffing Box Rubbers?

    We understand that every product has unique requirements — and sometimes, you need more flexibility than standard products allow. For this reason, we offer in-house design services in addition to our normal range of replacement stuffing box rubbers. So if you need a product that you can’t find in our catalog, contact our team of expert engineers to discuss your needs.


    Reliability and Durability to Support Your Bottom Line

    When it comes to choosing products, we’re confident that our stuffing box rubbers — as well as all of our other products — are top of the line. Why? Because we make sure to pay attention to detail every step of the way, from concept to testing to manufacturing. 

    And when we say top of the line, we mean our products are well-designed and manufactured from the best materials — all right here in our Bakersfield facility. That means that every product you purchase from us is American-made.

    Our careful production processes and meticulous quality assurance ensure that each product delivers maximum reliability. These tactics result in improved safety for your personnel and equipment. 

    All of our products are designed for maximum durability under normal operating conditions. As a result, they have a long application life and deliver good value. In other words, when you purchase from us, you can count on a good ROI — and that supports your bottom line.


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