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Durable Replacement Stripper Rubbers for Couplings

Tubing stripping rubbers are made from durable rubber with strong resistance to oils and abrasion. They can be pulled or run-in with pressure still on the well while also stripping fluids off the tubing O.D. to provide a safer and cleaner job site. Some of the stripper rubber styles we regularly supply to the oil industry are Washington-style stripper rubbers, wire-line oil saver rubbers, tubing stripper rubbers and rod stripper rubbers. We can also manufacture custom stripper rubbers to fit the needs of your job as well. 


While different styles can have different specialized purposes, the primary reason for using stripper rubbers is to strip away mud, debris and fluids from tubing during rotation, working in or pulling out. For any stripper rubber to create a problem-free environment for operators and oilfield personnel, it must be both highly elastic and resistant to abrasion.

Stripper Rubbers for Oilfield Applications

That’s why Global Elastomeric/E.E. Embury products, including all of our stripper rubbers, are designed with maximum equipment and personnel safety in mind. It’s also why all of our rubber molding products for the oil industry, as well as for agricultural applications, are manufactured for maximum reliability and the longest possible lifecycle. In addition, all our elastomeric rubber products come with the guarantee that they will be free of manufacturing and material defects. For elasticity, performance and general dependability, you can count on our 100% American-made product line to be superior.

Seal the Deal With Quality Elastomeric Products

With oil prices and demand going through fluctuations that fundamentally impact how the oil and gas industry does business, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that aging assets and infrastructure are increasingly being counted on to attain production quotas. As a matter of fact, a recent report concluded that more than 50 percent of oil and gas production is now coming from assets and equipment that are beyond the halfway point in their anticipated lifespans. Yet, seeming at odds with this statistic is the fact that the overwhelming majority of oil companies agree that achieving higher safety standards while simultaneously driving growth through daily production are two of their top operational goals.

Tried-and-True Stripping Rubber Manufacturer

What all of this means for oil and gas organizations is that seeking to prevent and avoid personnel accidents and equipment breakages is top-of-mind. And one key aspect of not jeopardizing production is to work with a supplier whose experience and manufacturing quality can be leveraged to benefit an organization’s efficient operation.

This is why, when you order stripper rubbers or any other item from our elastomeric product line, you can count on the focused attention of a sales team that has a combined hands-on “Oil Patch” experience of over 100 years. The importance of this fact cannot be overlooked, since, when you choose Global Elastomeric Products/E.E. Embury as your and supplier, you get an in-house staff with a keen appreciation of the challenges you face in your job.

Because we’re fully aware that a delay in processing your order could negatively impact your production capabilities, you can count us to ensure not only the quality of our products but also the efficient and fast handling and delivery of your order from the moment it’s received.

For American-Made Quality, Contact Global Today

Global Elastomeric Products/E.E. Embury is proud to serve you as an American company. All of our products are manufactured at our Bakersfield, CA, production facility. Our commitment to quality means we implement stringent quality control measures to ensure our products are free of defects. What’s more, we are voluntarily registered with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) — the world’s largest international standards organization — as an ISO 9001:2015-registered company.

Simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs. We’ve been a leading supplier to the oil and agricultural industries for more than 50 years by successfully filling both standard and custom orders.


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