Casing Collars & Plugs

Standard Collars & Plugs

We stock J-55 materials, but other materials are available upon request. These are available in 2-3/8, 2-7/8, 3-1/2, & 4-1/2” The tubing coupling has internal threads machined to match the external threads of the tubing. The tubing coupling is a small length of pipe used to connect to pieces of pipe together. We have standard collars that are internally threaded has well as threaded collars, threaded on the OD as well as ID.

Bell Collar 

In some situations, it is operations, it is required to run coiled tubing, slickline tools, or coiled-tubing assemblies past the end of the tubing string and into the casing below. Retrieving tools could be problematic if the tubing is run open-ended/unprotected. Sharp edges and square shoulders of pin threads, couplings, etc. can cause the tools to snag or hang upon re-entry. The wireline re-entry guide is run on the end of the tubing string or the tailpipe below the packer and is designed to facilitate re-entry into the tubing string of those electric-line or slickline assemblies. It has a bell-shaped ID that eliminates any sharp edges or square shoulders and helps align the tools as they are pulled back up into the tubing string.

Threaded Collar 

The threaded tubing collar is a left hand threaded cup that goes with the Global EEE threaded cup.




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