Oil Packer Cup Thimbles & Bushings

Oil Cup Thimbles

Oil cup thimbles reinforce a packer cup, while helping to ensure it retains its form and seal. It is imperative that you choose the right size thimble for your oil cup. We offer a wide variety of packer thimble cup dimensions, making it easy to find the ideally sized thimble for your cups. Available sizes range from 2" x 1 3/32" to 13 3/8" x 4 1/2".


Need a fast and easy way to transform larger inner dimension cups to smaller inner dimension cups? Our reducer oil bushings are the perfect solution. They're the ideal alternative for emergency situations in which you don't have time to wait for the manufacturing of new cups.

Our Five Decades of Experience

Global Elastomeric Products has been providing reliable and effective oilfield products for more than 50 years. We continue to be at the forefront of product engineering and design, and our adherence to the stringent ISO 9001:2015 standards ensures you receive a product of the highest quality. In fact, we guarantee that all of our products are free of defects. What's more, we provide fast turnaround times on every project to help you keep your tight production schedules on track.

Give Global a call and we will match you up with the proper fit for your oilfield application needs. We'll also be happy to provide a no-obligation price quote for oil cup thimbles and any other packer cup accessories you may need. 


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