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When people think of California, many think of the famous Hollywood sign and others think of the rolling vineyards.  It would be surprising to know, that California ranks third to only Texas and Alaska in the production of oil in the United States Oil production in California started in 1865 and has only continued to grow.

Oil was discovered in Southern California in 1892 by Edward Doheny and Charles Canfield, on what is now Glendale Boulevard in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.  This single accidental discovery prompted one of the most prolific changes to the California landscape.  By the end of the 1800’s, there were well over 500 wells in the Los Angeles area alone.  Doheny was most remembered for his implication in the Teapot Dome Scandal of 1922, where he allegedly offered the Secretary of Interior a rather large sum of money to acquire the mining rights without competitive bidding. The scandal was centered on one of the largest finds in the United States, Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve – Now known as Oxy- Elk Hills. Edward Doheny was later acquitted in 1930.

As the oil boom continued, additional oilfield discoveries surfaced.  Fields like Huntington Beach, Santa Fe, and Signal Hill rose in the 1920’s.

The population of California was approximately 1.2 million people in 1890.  With the sustainable growth of the oil industry, men began to envision the feasibility of moving their families to California.  With the movement of families came the need for housing, business, education, and entertainment.  By 1920, California’s population had risen to over 3.4 million and oil is considered to be one of the main contributing factors.

Through a tradition of oilfield history, E. E. Embury was founded in the oil town of Long Beach back in 1963 by the original owner Erwin “Ed” Embury.  A family company, E. E. Embury was initially started as a manufacturing rep for larger companies such as Oil States and Melco BOP, but grew in order to service the needs of the large and small buyer, by offering custom molded products, in-house engineering, quick product turn around and fair pricing.  As the business grew, Ed’s son, Phil Embury moved its manufacturing facilities to Bakersfield, California; another oil-centered area of California. More than 90% of the E.E. Embury employees made the move with the company; which is a testament to the type of company E.E. Embury continues to be. In early 2001, E. E. Embury changed its named to Global Elastomeric Products, but did not change the level of commitment to offer the best quality and service to each and every one of its valued customers.

Still privately held by the Embury family, Global Elastomeric Producst, Inc. continues to enter new markets with fair pricing, great service, and quality product. Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. is a fitting name; as the company currently exports it product to over 20 countries worldwide. Global Continues to invest in its infrastructure, standards, and practices. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, Global has the distinction of having a streamlined customer - to manufacturing – to customer process, with strong praises from its auditors for the very efficient processes implemented. Global continues to vest in state of the art injection machines, paint robotics, and manufacturing resource planning system/ enterprise resource planning systems. Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. is large enough to take on any large custom project, but small enough to make sure that it is done efficiently and right.

What other explanation can there be as to why Global Elastomeric Products continues to grow?  People are finding out what this shop is capable of and they are proudly making the switch.  Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. continues to be a privately held company centered on strong family principles and good ole American values.  Our products are made here in the U.S.A. and offer a value no others can, superior service at a fair price.

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