Silicone’s Benefits for Molded Rubber Products

Silicone’s Benefits for Molded Rubber Products

When you're looking to create molded rubber products, you'll likely want to consider using silicone rubber. The many benefits of silicone rubber make it an attractive option compared to natural rubber. Those in the oilfield and agricultural industries regularly switch to silicone rubber due to its ability to perform in extreme temperatures, resist chemicals and provide exceptional sealing.


Well Servicing 101

well servicing 101

Well servicing is an essential part of operating an oil or gas well. Servicing encompasses the tasks done during the rest of the life of the well after drilling. Therefore, it is essential to keep up with these maintenance activities. Regular servicing can prevent problems before major disruptions occur. Understanding the basics of well maintenance and services will give you a better appreciation for these tasks during the well's production life.


Elastomers and Rubbers — What's the Difference?

01 Elastomers and rubbers whats the difference

Both "rubber" and "elastomer" are used to describe the makeup of components, fixtures and parts across industries and often seem to describe different things. However, "rubber" and "elastomer" are two ways to describe the same thing — elastomer is a description for any type of elastic material, such as synthetic rubber, while rubber is a specific type of elastomer. "Rubber" is often used as a shorthand description for "natural rubber," which is different from its more common synthetic counterpart.


How to Check Valve Stem Seals

01 How to Check Valve steam Seals

Valve seals precisely control the amount of oil entering the valve stem system, making them critical components in maintaining your engine’s compression levels. Having a valve stem seal that works correctly within any of your applications can save you time and money by eliminating the need for lengthy engine repairs and replacements. But how do you check for bad valve seals, and what signs should you be aware of?


The United States Is the Biggest Crude Oil Producer: How Pipeline Bottlenecks Might Impact That Status


Oil markets are currently undergoing significant changes. Demand that was once concentrated in developed countries and transportation fuels is increasingly shifting to Asian markets and the petrochemical industry. And perhaps more surprisingly, the United States is leading the expansion of the global crude oil supply.


Swabbing in Oil Drilling

Swabbing-In-Oil Drilling

Oil drilling is a challenging and highly mechanical profession. Oil rig operators need to have extensive knowledge of the tools they use, the correct processes for resource collection and how to recognize potential issues or risks and mitigate them.  From drilling to worker safety, they're responsible for many areas. One of the processes they need to know is swabbing.


The Pros & Cons of Shallow Oil Wells

Col. Edwin Drake drilled the world’s first oil well near Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859. This started a revolution in energy production, providing millions of jobs and billions of dollars to local economies in the subsequent years. Over those years, the industry has evolved and advanced, adopting various technologies and techniques to make the most of our natural gas and oil resources. One of these techniques is the use of shallow oil wells.

Shallow wells provide many benefits to drilling operations. From cost benefits to surprising legal advantages, shallow wells are a reliable source of natural resources for many drilling companies. However, the definition of a shallow well is hardly consistent. From a legal standpoint, differences in definition have led to regulatory and legal battles for the drilling industry. For this reason, it's crucial to be aware of the differences between shallow and deep wells from a legal standpoint and carefully consider which would be most advantageous for your operation.


Elastomers Applications

Every day, we depend on a wide variety of products and materials to go about our daily lives, many of which we barely notice. One example is the elastomer — this material has become essential in numerous industries and applications. From the tires on our cars and the containers for our food to the seals and parts used in industrial equipment, elastomers are an essential part of daily life in the modern world. Despite this, many people are unaware of what elastomers are, what makes them important and how extensively they are used throughout multiple industries.


Common Causes of Well Delivery Delay


Oil & Gas Journal predicts that total spending for exploration, drilling and production will reach nearly $152 billion in 2019. While this 2 percent increase shows a significant deceleration from the 23 percent increase in 2018, oil companies are still seeking ways to reduce spending and create more efficient processes. Delays in oil well delivery are a major factor in excess upstream spending for oil suppliers. Oil well delivery delays can disrupt revenue flow and necessitate additional spending for resources, equipment and labor.

As oil companies target new assets and plan for future oil wells, they must take steps to eliminate inefficiencies and optimize the oil well delivery process. In this article, we will examine the common causes of oil well delivery delays and explore solutions for minimizing or eliminating costly stalls in oil well planning, execution and completion.


The Nut Harvesting Industry & Harvesting Equipment Guide

Whether you're currently in the nut harvesting industry or want to try your hand at harvesting for the first time, there's no better time than now to start your nut harvesting journey.

A recent trend in health and dieting has boosted the popularity of nut eating. Consumers, growing increasingly conscious of their health and wellness, have noted the nutritional value nuts provide as a rich source of protein, fiber and fatty acids such as palmitoleic acids and omega-3. Medical studies have praised nuts' ability in reducing the risks of cancer and heart disease, and wellness magazines and blogs continue to promote the benefits of eating them. And the success of nut spreads such as Nutella and the rapid boom of the nut butter craze, at an 80 percent rise from 2011, steadily builds demand for nut products.


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