Arrow Type

Arrow Type Packer Elements & Valve Seals

Packer elements are rubber seals that operate under specific down-hole conditions and provide a seal for either short-term or long-term comple

Baker Type

Baker-Type Packer Elements

Global Elastomeric Products makes many standard replacement packer elements as well as custom elements depending upon your specialized needs. 


Baker/Brown Type

Replacement Packer Elements For Baker-Type & Brown-Type Applications

Packer elements are rubber seals that operate under specific down-hole conditions and provide a seal for either sh

BIW Style Stripping Rubber

BIW Style Stripper Rubber Composition

The BIW Style Stripping rubber is made out of a high abrasion resistant compound that is meant to last.

BIW Style Stripper Rubbe

BOP Seals

With the help of the blowout preventer the well can be safely sealed off when needed. Safety is a priority to anyone working on a rig and selection of a quality seal is imperative. Global EEE offer


Reducer Bushings

Although we pride ourselves on maintaining a very generous stock of all products that we sell, there is that time when an emergency arises and you can’t wait a day or t


Casing Packer Cups

As an oilfield industry professional, you undoubtedly know the important role that casing packer cups play in the completion process when preparing an oil well for prod

Casing Swab Cups

Uses of Casing Swab Cups

The casing swab cup is designed for lifting large loads from greater depths. Considered a heavy duty cup, its flexible lip allows for a seal while also allowing f

Check Valve

Ball Bearing Check Valves

Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. has a ball bearing check valve. It is used as any other to allow for fluid or pressure to act in one direction only. Threaded o


Quality EUE Threaded Collars and Bell Collars From Global EEE!

The casing coupling has internal threads machined to match the external threads of the casing. The casing coupling is a smal

Cone Packing

High Temp Cones For Packing Oilfield Stuffing Boxes

Cone Packing, Hi Temp with brass has successfully been used in the Kern River Oilfields for over 15 years. We are told the operating te

Crown Packing

Why Crown Packing is Important

Crown packing allows sealing on polish rod and ID of the box without extensive tightening. This packing has been used for long stroke pumping unit applicati

Crown Packing Holders

Crown Packing Holder Uses

Global EEE also offers a solution to replacing your stuffing box by the use of the RCB holder. The RCB holder allows for crown packing to be used within the Rati

Custom Rubber Products

ECP Packer Cups

ECP Packer Cups

Global Elastomeric Products, Inc.'s casing packer cups are designed as a directional packing element that provides a seal to stop communication from one zone to another. T

EM Swab Cups

Durable EM Swab Cups

The EM Swab Cup is a heavy load swab cup. The 3 heavy duty sections are designed for long life and maximum lifting capacity. The special compound has extremely high s

EMV Swab Cups

EMV Swab Cup Details

The EMV Swab Cup is a multi-lip, all rubber, light-duty swab cup. These are available with steel or aluminum inserts. Different compounds are available upon requ

ETA Swab Cups

ETA Swab Cups Product Details

The ETA Swab Cup is a light to medium load swab cup. The swab cup has two different size lips. 3 thin lips across the swab cup act as the load bearing lip, w

EW Swab Cups

EW Swab Cup Product Details and Uses

The EW Swab Cup is a heavy duty wire swab cup. The proprietary, high abrasion/ high tear compound, molded over the flexible spring steel wire inserts,

Gas Vent Cups

Gas Vent Cup Uses

The Gas Vent cup was developed to isolate casing leaks in pumping or injection wells. This cup helps to prevent the trapping of gas by allowing gas to vent to the surfac

Guiberson Type

Guiberson-Type Packer Cups and Elements

Global is proud to manufacture and engineer a variety of Guiberson-Type products including our own line of Global packer cups and Global oil saver


Industrial Oil Products

In an industry as highly specialized as petroleum engineering, finding the right supplies for your production needs that also deliver quality performance can be a

Knock Out Collars & Plugs

Replacement Knockout Collars & Plugs

Knock out collars are used to balance fluid levels within the tubing strings. They allow for the releasing/non releasing of fluid within the strin


LSR Housing Tubing Stripper Rubbers

Tubing stripper rubbers have been used for decades to help provide safe and cleaner working environments when running or pulling tubing string.


Molded Packer Cups and More

If you're in the market for a cup packer, molded rubber products can provide an excellent solution. For nearly 50 years, Global Elastomeric Products has been p

Other Types

Other Types of Packer Elements and Valve Seals

baker type

Amongst many types of p

Packer Cup Thimbles

The packer cup is a value proven tool for the completion and production of oil and gas. It’s cost effective design and utilization makes it a great and inexpensive component in well servicing for


PGSR Tubing Stripper Rubbers

The PGSR Housing is used to hold the PGSR housing to help provide a clean and safe working environment. As moving tubing string through the PGSR, the housing

Pipe Wipers

Pipe Wipers Use

Pipe wipers are normally placed around the exterior of oilfield pipes. The primary purpose of pipe wipers is to he

Ratigan Type

The Ratigan Type rubber Global EEE offers is one of a variety of stuffing box rubbers.

Custom Ratigan Type Rubber

Contact Global EEE for your own quote.

Rod Regan Housing

Regan Rod Strippers & Housing

Rod Regan housings are available here at Global Elastomeric Products, Inc. Let us know what size you’re looking for and we’ll get you a quote.

Rod Stripper Rubbers

Tubing stripping rubbers are made from durable rubber with strong resistance to oils and abrasion.  They can be pulled or run-in with pressure still on the well while also stripping fluids off


Oilfield Elastomeric Rubber Products

If you’re looking for the best resource for high quality elastomeric rubber products, look no further than Global Elastomeric Products. Since 1963,

Shear Out Joints

Global Elastomeric Products is an industry leader when it comes to the design and manufacturing of shear joints. The simple design provides a reliable and inexpensive way for straight/pull emergenc

Single V Swab Cups


Single V Swab Cup Details

The Single V Swab Cup is a single lip all rubber swab cup with steel insert. 

Uses of Single V Swab Cups

Ideal for light lo

Slick Type

Slick Type Wire Cup Packer Units

Like all Global Elastomeric/E.E. Embury products, our wire cup packer units are designed with safety, durability and productivity in mind

Standard Packer Cups

Wire Packer Cups

Global Elastomeric Products is your headquarters for a wide assortment of top-quality standard packer cups for a wide range of oilfield applications. You'll find a huge a


Threaded Cup Packer Units

Global Elastomeric/E.E. Embury continues to maintain a diverse selection of quality oilfield products along with their threaded packer cups. Typically used for s

Threaded Packer Cups

We modified this 8 round EUE coupling to accept a left-hand thread packer cup, and we welded it to a thimble.

Threaded Packer Cups Versus Regular Packer Cups

The threaded pac

Threaded Surge Tool Packer Cups

The threaded surge tool cup is threaded on to the mandrel and used as a debris catcher when changing out submersible pumps. The cups can be made in any material, but are primarily used with 80 duro

Washington-Style (WS) Stripper Rubber

Wire-Line Oil Saver Rubbers

Oil Saver Rubbers For The Oil & Gas Industries

An oil saver rubber is made from a special blend of rubber that has a stronger resistance to oil and gas. This compound allows for oil and o