Cup Packer Units

Available in Multiple Insert Styles and Sizes

Global Elastomeric Packer cups are designed as a directional packing element that provides a seal to stop communication from one zone to another. The oil packer cup units require a mandrel or a custom designed tool. These cups can be installed on this tool as a single cup, dual cup, or multiple combinations (facing up, facing down, or opposing), based on the specific application.

This manufacturing experience, coupled with field proven technology has made Global Elastomeric Products one of the world leaders in packer cup technology. Our oilfield packer line consists of packer cups ranging from 3-1/2" – 26", and most of the cups are available in multiple insert styles and sizes.

Oilfield Cup Packer Product Line

Our cup packers for oilfield use include:

  • Slick Type oil packer cup units: We specifically designed slick type oil packer cups to serve as a direction packing element. They provide a seal that prevents communication between zones. They feature a strong, flexible lip that seals and holds pressure on the side in which the lip is pointed.
  • Threaded oil packer cups: Threaded packer cups are normally used for steaming applications. They have proved their worth in high-pressure steaming processes around the world. Our threaded oil cup packers packer cups are extremely easy to use and can be installed just about anywhere.
  • Casing packer cups: We offer long-lasting casing packer cups that are essential in the completion process when preparing your oil wells for productive operation. We offer durable casing packer cups in a wide range of sizes and styles as well as oil packer cup units consisting of one to four cups.

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Since 1963, companies throughout the oil industry have been turning to Global Elastomeric Products for reliable solutions. We're the only oilfield industry resource you will ever need. As an ISO 9001:2008-registered company, you can be sure our products meet the highest standards for quality and performance.

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