Swab Cups

Perhaps your experience with inferior oil swab cups has led to some significant problems with your completion process. Or maybe you’re dissatisfied with how much you’ve been paying for swab cup products. Whatever the reason, Global Elastomeric Products can change your view of these essential items. For five decades, we’ve been meeting the oilfield industry product needs of businesses just like yours.

A Vast Array of Swab Cup Products

Global Elastomeric Products designs, manufactures and distributes a host of molded swab cups to meet light, medium, and heavy load requirements. Choose from an assortment of all rubber, wire, and sand cups in multiple sizes and compounds. Swab cups featuring steel and aluminum inserts are also available. If you currently use guiberson type swab cups in your operation, you’ll also find the replacement part you need at a price you can afford.

It’s All About the Details

When it comes to oil swab cups or any other oilfield industry products, we believe that strict attention to detail is paramount when producing high-quality items. At Global Elastomeric Products, attention to detail begins in the design process. Our in-house design engineer possesses the know-how and innovation to develop customized products for all types of customers, whether big or small. Our meticulous quality assurance procedure ensures our strict manufacturing processes are followed to the letter from start to finish, resulting in defect-free products.

Delivering Reliable Oilfield Products Since 1963

Far from just another fly-by-night operation, Global Elastomeric Products has been meeting the needs of oilfield industry companies like yours since 1963. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, our quality management standards meet the stringent national requirements this certification mandates. When you choose Global Elastomeric Products, you’ll enjoy our top customer service and commitment to the highest quality.

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