Packer Elements And Valve Seals

Offering Custom Packer Element Needs

Packer elements are rubber seals that operate under specific down-hole conditions and provide an elastomeric seal for either short-term or long-term completion. Global Elastomeric Products has an expanding line of packer elements for your tool and well conditions. With the ever-increasing demands for stronger, more temperature resistant materials, Global continues to expand its line of products to include new design, stronger heat and chemical resistant compounds, along with the traditional elements that the Energy industry has grown accustomed to using. We're happy to accommodate feedthrough cup packer inquiries as well.

As a leading packer element distributor, Global has the ability to mold and manufacture any rubber compound. From traditional Nitrile and EPDM products, to your Viton’s, Aflas, FKM’s, our team has the knowledge and resources to manufacture any of your custom element needs.

Our selection of packer elements and valve seals includes:

  • Baker Type: We offer several versions of Baker Type packer elements in sizes ranging from 7" to 9 5/8".
  • Baker/Brown Type: You'll find Baker/Brown Type packer elements in sizes from 5 ½" to 13 3/8".
  • Guiberson Type: Choose from a wide range of Guiberson Type products, including oil saver rubbers that can clean cables and wirelines during jobs.
  • Arrow Type Packer Elements: Select Arrow Type packer elements in sizes from 5 1/2" to 9 5/8".

Global Elastomeric Products is a U.S.-based packer element distributor that has been providing reliable, cost-effective oilfield product solutions for more than 50 years. We provide standard as well as custom designs and products for all types of well production and servicing applications. Call Global for your custom project and we can walk you through the design to manufacturing process. We'll also be happy to provide a no-obligation packer element quote.



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